instagram followers fast

Free followers on  Instagram fast is getting a makeover. Just like Myspace, Instagram followers fast and every other social media site, it’s changing its layout. Free followers Instagram fast founders announced it yesterday – see this article from the LA Times for more information: followers on  Instagram fast-20100915,0,6069365.story.

My first reaction to the article was shock over the huge amount of new users that sign up with gain Free followers on  Instagram  daily! Holy cow! 370,000! And can you believe that get Free followers Instagram quick has already been around for 4 years? It definitely doesn’t seem like that long.

The reason for the layout change, which will be rolled out in the next few weeks, is to try to give Free followers on  Instagram fast an edge over Google, Instagram followers fast, etc. The bigger places are getting all the advertising revenue, and Free followers on  Instagram fast needs to do something to change that. I have recently noticed that on the right hand side, where they have the trending topics, they have been having a “promoted” trend at the bottom, signified by an icon. I don’t know how long that has been going on, but it just shows that they have been trying to up the funds in different ways, so that’s good. We definitely want to keep them around.

They say that the new 1000 Free followers for Instagram fast will have two panes with updated timelines instead of just one. I want mine to switch over – followers on  Instagram (it hasn’t yet, but apparently some people’s has) so that I can see what this will look like, because if it’s two panes of updates, plus the stuff on the right hand side (like trending topics), wouldn’t that be really cluttered? It also says that videos and pictures are going to be referenced in updates. Does that mean the whole image will be posted? Wouldn’t that mean fewer updates per page then? That was the beauty of Free followers on  Instagram fast, the simplification of it all. Very streamlined, clean. I hope it doesn’t change too drastically.

Regardless, all social media sites go through makeovers. Some (*cough*Instagram followers fast*cough*) appear to go through them more than others. We just need to be grateful that Free followers on  Instagram fast has made theirs few and far between. Thanks gaining Free Instagram followers fast!

Have a good Wednesday people!



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